Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get the MOST out of your Engagement or Wedding Shoot

The road to marriage is a long and winding road.  There are ups and downs, curves, bumpy sections, and smooth straight-aways.  I try to make the photography part of the road a fun diversion. The photoshoots turn out best if the couple is invested in the shoot.  By invested, I mean that they've given it some thought and have an idea of what sort of photos they'd like created.  This doesn't mean that the burden is on them to come up with different creative shots, or decide exactly where they'd like to shoot, but the shoot generally runs much smoother if the couple has given some thought to it.  And remember, the shoot is about the connection between the couple.  It's not about having perfect hair, or coordinated outfits.  It's about the TWO of you.

Here are some ways that you can invest in your engagement or wedding shoot that will ultimately help to make your photos that much more memorable:
  • Sit down with your significant other and discuss what you want to get out of the shoot. - Doesn't have to be super specific!
  • Ask yourself where those kinds of shots would best be taken.  (park, urban setting, at home, etc)
  • Give some thought to your clothing for the day and any props that you think would be appropriate. A recent shoot that Last Mountain Photography did was a wedding photo shoot at an outdoor rink.  Those sorts of things don't just happen, there was some planning on all sides.
  • Phone your photographer and discuss what you'd like out of the shoot and see if he/she can offer you some ideas or steer you in the right direction.  - I personally love hearing from my couples because it means that they value their photography, which ultimately makes better photos!
  • During the shoot, don't worry about the small stuff.  Your photographer will be there to make sure he's not photographing up your nose or any other unflattering angles. Leave that sort of stuff to him/her, it's more important that you relax and have a good time as opposed to worrying.
  • Try to incorporate any little quirks/hobbies/nuances of your relationship together into the shoot.  Maybe you have a certain little cutesy way of holding eachother, or kissing, etc that could be captured in a photograph?  These little details speak volumes in a photo.

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