Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Regina SK Photobooth Turvey Centre

Last weekend I had a good time running a photobooth at Danielle and Scott's Wedding, here are some photos from the event in Regina SK:


Monday, March 21, 2011

Pam & Mitch Regina Engagement Shoot

I thought spring was here?  I guess I was wrong!  In any event, I got to spend the first day of 'spring' in Regina with Pam & Mitch taking some great engagement photos for them.  It was cold so we spent some of the shoot inside the College Building in Regina.  (Which was actually 'too' warm).  Here are some of my favourites from the day:

Stay warm this spring in Regina!
Last Mountain Photography

Monday, March 14, 2011

Engagement Shoots vs Wedding Photography

The formal photos from a wedding photography shoot and the photos created during an engagement shoot are pretty similar.  They both are made to show the love between two people, usually there is a mixture of posed and candid photos.  The Main difference though is often how these photos are "used".

In my opinion, the engagement photos are for getting beautiful pieces of art to put on your wall, while the wedding photos are all about the story and the album.  Consider the following:

Wedding Photos:
  • Many, many photos
  • Candid, formal, location, and small details photos
  • The dress style / hair styling will likely be dated in a few years
  • One of the most important days of your life
  • Lots of pictures of family and friends
Engagement Photos
  • Less photos
  • Candid and formal pictures
  • Clothing / hair styles are casual and not likely to be dated in a few years
  • Just a nice day spent with your love
Basically, the engagement photos make great wall art that can be hung on your wall for a long time without dating you.  Also, many couples who are about to get married may not have a lot of art on their walls and this shoot gives the opportunity to create some.  A 30X20 above your couch for instance, is a great centerpiece for a room.  Some other great uses for engagement photos are save the date cards, guest books, invitations, and  albums.

Wedding photos on the other hand are best shown in a high quality, leather bound album.  This album is the keepsake that you'll show your children and your children's children.  This doesn't mean that wall portraits are out of the question!  It is just my opinion that an album is the best way to keep your memories for a lifetime.

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