Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Locations for Pictures Around Strasbourg, SK

Strasbourg is where my fiance, Amy, lives at the moment.  I'm going to be moving there once we're married in June of 2011.  It's a great little town and actually has a lot of amenities because it serves all the resort communities on Last Mountain Lake.  Just so everyone knows, I'll still be serving Regina and still won't charge mileage for Regina and area once the move is complete.

Anyways, I wanted to write a blog today about some great places around Strasbourg and the Last Mountain Valley for taking great photos:
  • Elevators of Strasbourg and other small towns
  • Farmers fields - Get permission!
  • The amazing skies
  • Observation points along Last Mountain Lake - the one 5 kilometers north of Craven for instance
  • Bulyea Corn Maze
  • Strasbourg Museum
  • Creek east of Lumsden
Hopefully these places give you some new places to shoot this summer!

Last Mountain Photography