Monday, June 14, 2010

Ideas for Rainy Day Wedding Photos in Regina

A client of mine is busy getting ready for their big day in August.  They are making final arrangements for everything that will make their day, well, their day.  I can only imagine how fearful they must be that they'll have rain on their wedding day after the kind of spring we've been having.  They sent me a quick email asking where some good locations for indoor wedding photos would be in Regina.  Here is a quick rundown of some ideas that I had:
  • Regina Floral Conservatory - a "perennial" favourite, pardon the pun
  • Legislative Building - while the gardens outside are always good for photos, the inside has a lot of character that make it stand out
  • RCMP Museum - there is a lot of natural light and some neat "props"
  • Luther College High School - interesting character and some really great rooms that have a lot of natural light
  • U of R - especially if the bride and groom have a past connection to the university
  • Cornwall Centre - this would be a neat place for a 'fun' shoot, but maybe too congested for the average wedding party
  • Your home or the home of someone you know - many people have great character homes and this could certainly make for intimate shots, maybe best avoided though if you have a large wedding party
One final note, many of these places require you to book in advance, so if you want a "Plan B", it'd be best to call ahead.
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