Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Top 10 Engagement Photography Tips

Tis the season for engagement photos it seems!  I have some engagement photography sessions coming up, and with that I've decided to post my "Top Ten Engagement Photography Tips":
  1. Sit down and think about what defines you as a couple, use this information to help drive the photography session.
  2. Feel free to jump in and make your own poses if you think of one midway through a shoot, these will often be the best pictures of the shoot!
  3. Try two or three different locations, and for that matter, avoid doing "studio shoots".  Studio shoots are old fashioned and boring.
  4. Get your pet involved.  If you have a photogenic little critter in your home, make sure to bring him/her along.  If anything, it'll make for a few humour photos!
  5. Don't sweat it if the first few pictures "don't feel right", it often takes up to an hour for a couple to really feel at ease and for the good pictures/poses to really flow.
  6. Bring along blotting powder to remove any perspiration from foreheads.
  7. The moment before a kiss is often better picture-wise than the kiss itself.
  8. Forget that the photographer is even there, just act natural and the pictures will work themselves out.
  9. Don't wear matching clothes, it's tacky!
  10. Have fun with it! You only get engaged once after all!
There you have it, now if you need any engagement photography done, don't hesitate to contact me ;)

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