Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wedding Photography Locations in Regina

Arguably, the most important pictures at a wedding are the pictures of the bridal party.  These pictures are usually taken after the ceremony, and before the reception.  Regina is full of great locations for these special photos.  Here is a quick list of places to consider:

Wascana Park - the old staple, it has great gardens, trees, and water features.  And it's enormous!

Legislative Building - A great place to take pictures, there is great dramatic architecture, and the lighting isn't too bad either.  Make sure to clear this location in advance with the front desk.

Regina Floral Conservatory - Sometimes forgotten, this little gem has been a wedding photographers staple, it's particularily good in the winter, when flower gardens are in short supply...

Waterfall Park - this little park is a great place.  The waterfall adds drama to the photos and the adjacent playground can make for some great "goofing around" pictures.

Regina's Warehouse District - these can make some EXCELLENT urban settings, your wedding pictures will be unique and powerful.

Well that's all for now, I'll maybe update this post later, but the dog needs out so I best be going!

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